Feeling the Potential

Happy Valentine’s Day.

This holiday starts to mark the beginning of spring for me. The Colorado weather is hinting at warmer days ahead, albeit I’m sure some winter is still in store. Been trying to get a jump start on spring cleaning, finally put away all the holiday decorations. Always so fun to pull them out, but linger in picking them up. Now that we’ve settled into our home back in Colorado I’m starting to evaluate my life goals and next steps.

I read 21 Steps to Becoming a Successful Web Developer by Kyle Prinsloo and it kind of kicked me in the rear. I have been letting my education and experience go to waste. It’s time to stop. Recently I’ve acquired new work which gave me a reason to clean out my office (work-in-progress), bought a new second monitor since my old one was dying, and I’m ready to restart.

One of my biggest hinderances with working in web development is always feeling like I don’t know enough. And that’s cheating myself. While I should recognize what I can learn, I should also give myself credit for what I do know and build on it. I really like Prinsloo’s list in step #4. While I can check off almost all those items thanks to college, I will modify it to fit where I am now. I need to harness all the free resources that are out there.

The Internet really is a beautiful thing.

While this is yet again post numero uno on yet another blog, I intend to use it as the first rung on my proverbial salmon ladder. This marks the end of staying up late/sleeping in and lounging in pajamas well into the morning. I will set a schedule and stick to it.

Let’s do this!

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